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Do We Need Another Gait Test?


Someone mentioned we should redo gait analysis every year, the body reacts to new shoes, running distances and other bits, left and right. My shoes went pffff, lost the bouncy feel, scandalous condition. They should’ve lasted approx 1200km and l did 1600.

Yesterday’s gait analysis showed my right knee going ‘out’ marginally to the right side, because my ankle, which famously caused me lots of trouble, lost a bit of support through the old shoe. I couldn’t feel any troubles but with time and no action - there would be troubles.

New pair of shoes got tested this morning, 13K felt easy on every joint, ankle felt solid and in place, the knee did its business as intended.

In other words, free test was as useful as the one over a year ago and I’ll do another one next summer. Simple things can save us lots of headaches!

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I'd have gait test every time I felt the need to buy new trainers. It never hurts....


I'm contemplating having another at the end of summer. I feel that my gait has improved and changed a fair bit as my techniques have improved. I'll be interested to see if they agree. I may also take my trail (neutral) shoes to see if there's much difference between the two.


Every time you buy new shoes have gait analysis, as the gait can change, as mine did..

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