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First Park Run


Took part in my first park run today which was a struggle. I did the race for life 5k a couple of weeks ago so and did it in 42 mins as I walked a bit too. Same result today. Had such a mental block as was tired from a busy week at a new job. Any advice on getting out of your head?

I was with a running buddy who encouraged me the whole way but still was a struggle!

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You did it! Well done you! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ So you are already way ahead on all those on the couch. I have read some of your previous posts which show massive determination. So do recognise how far you have come already.

Folk on this forum often say how it is a personal journey and we all have to find our own preferences that fit with the demands of our week. Some favourite mantras here are to slow down, slow down some more. Perhaps that will help you.

Also believe in the programme and remember that each run is preparing you for the next one.

As far as a clear head, distraction is often a help. I have never given time to learning how to put podcasts onto my phone, but some folk listen to all sorts whilst running information programmes, Desert Island Discs, dramas, favourite music etc so they have that to focus on rather than the running. It is on my to do list for one day to master this podcast business but not a priority.

Wow! You have come so far already. All the very best for your next runs. I hope to take part in a Parkrun, but I plan to wait until my C25k running top arrives! How different we all are!

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