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W7R3 ya beauty!.

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I actually think I’m starting to enjoy this (what I call couch to midlife crisis) malarkey!. That run was great.

No wheeze no puking in the bushes and definitely no trumping near the children’s play area......... least said about that one the better.

Hitting the 5k mark now pretty much every time I run now so I’m not sure what the heckaroonie I’ll be doing if I reach the end of this .

Laura you sexy voiced siren you😘 cooing “try running faster for the last 1 min”

Ooooookkkkyyyyyy Laura look down to my phone and switch to nitro music Foo fighters monkey wrench, volume up and goooooooooo !. Full sprint thinking this is great!. See my neighbour on her run up ahead and flew past her and went “meep meep” road runner style.

Minute over I slow down and look back....... it wasn’t my neighbour but a very confused looking out of breath lady 😬. Apologies made a a nod and a smile was all she gave me in return.

Still a lot of fun . Walking home now wondering what low carb thing I can have for breakfast I’m sick of omelettes 😖

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Hitting 5k in W7 is fast paced. Well done.

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"Meep meep" indeed!! Enjoy your quinoa and coconut water too :-)

Watch the full-on enthusiasm tho. Don't want Dave Grohl saying "wind up snapping in the end" okay? He said being gently and unnecessarily paternalistic :-)

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ForestgrumpGraduate in reply to sallenson

Must have been the whiskey I was scooping last night....... ok probably not but I like to think so

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Ha! “Meep” to strangers - love it!😂

Well done on your run. Beginning to enjoy it is the best. 😃

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