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Week8 on hold


I've had to pause the program after pulling a muscle in my back a week or so ago, but I've been to see the gym trainer and am pleased to report I've just done - because it wasn't a run, 30mins and 6k on the CrossTrainer with no back pain. A couple of weeks looking at a blank wall in the gym awaits before I can get back out to start W8 but hopefully the legs will remember how to run and the Cardio gym work will be helpful

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These things happen. Just go steady and you should be ok. No hurry, no need to push 🙂

Take care 🙂

JogOnDad in reply to misswobble

Thanks, with a name like "misswobble" I guess you've had a few ups and downs on the journey. The last thing I want is to cause a serious injury.

the 9 week program doesn't have to be 63 days. No target dates in my head. The important part is we, or I, am getting fit.

misswobbleGraduate in reply to JogOnDad

I am the clumsiest oaf 😁 I had quite a few setbacks. A fracas with a hedge trimmer. then I fell down my new set of stairs. A serious shin splint, then I managed to tumble and land on my face. My teeth took most of the impact but I’m ok now.

Just keep plugging away nice and steady and you’ll be fine. Your body will get stronger as you work your way through the programme 🙂👍


Well done. I did a back muscle between W7 and W8 as well. Hope you spring back niggle free.

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