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W4R1...I did it!!

I can't quite believe I can run for 5 straight minutes...twice! I have caught the bug....I shall wear my sweaty hair, red face and very wet running shoes with pride!

Also, I realised something today, I realised, in order to dig deep enough to keep going when it gets hard, I need a cause. When I started this lark, as a person who used to say the only good reason to run was if someone was chasing you with a knife, I don't think I ever really believed I would be able to do it....but I signed up to do the 5k Pretty Muddy Race for Life. I've done it for a couple if years but never been able to run it.....this is my year! This year I shall not only run it, I shall rock it!! And next year? 10k Pretty Muddy maybe?? Who knows.....what I know, is that I'm running for a reason, however hard it gets to keep going, it won't ever be as hard as fighting cancer.......thats what keeps me going when it's tough........

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Agreed. My crazy move was entering the ballot for London next year... 😱 W4R2 done yesterday.

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What a great idea having an end goal - amazing! Go for it...and enjoy! I’m on to week 4 run 3 tomorrow. 😉 good luck 🍀

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