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W5R1 - Running with the sniffles


After letting the worst part of a nasty head cold pass I armed myself with tissues and made my way out today. I had thought that perhaps I would change my route, leave my safe and familiar little park for bigger, longer paths now that my running times will be increasing. But no cigar: I was feeling too small and vulnerable with my sniffling and coughing. I stuck with what I know.

Given the mood I went out in I was incredibly surprised when the whole thing was a breeze. As I was plodding through quite comfortably I couldn't help but marvel at the idea that the 5 minute run that so afflicted me last week now felt like such an accessible task. I even picked up the pace somewhat and focused on my form. I agreed vehemently with Laura when she suggested that my recovery times between runs might be shortening.

Next thing I knew, she was telling me I had finished for the day. I actually had to check and make sure I hadn't accidentally skipped forward. Surely I wasn't finished already?

But I was! Sneezing, coughing, red and smiley, I walked briskly home, like a cheerful heirloom tomato with hay-fever.

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Yeah! Well done RunGirlyRun...giad you felt a bit better today and felt able to run.😊

Sounds like you nailed it too, this is a great Week, you can do it..Laura will get you through it. Take extra rest days if you feel you need it though

Go you...Wk5 R2 onwards and upwards next 😊x

You are right! I think I may take the next few days slower than usual but I'm excited to tackle the week ahead! Thank you 😊 X

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