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Don't give up


This is my first running post in over a year. I stopped my couch to 5km runs in week 5 due to getting sick. After that I didn't continue and just dreamt of finishing the course.

Well 4 weeks ago I joined a local running club and yesterday evening I ran/jogged my 5km in 44 minutes non stop. After the 5km I walked for another km and then ran another after that. I am still overweight and my joints are reminding me this morning of this but I didn't quit. I looked at the program with positivity and said yup I can do this.

Take it 1 day at a time and enjoy the moment. Dont force it, if it dont work then take a shot at it later.

Joining the local running club was a big step for me and running outside "in public" was an even bigger one but gees I did it.

Now my running will continue, I found a hunger in me to run more than 5km. I will keep trying to improve on it daily.

Good luck all you can do it


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Well done Jan your amazing keep at it

Hi, just looking at my previous posts as part of some soul searching and noticed you had replied, so thought I would see how you are doing with your goals? I too started a running programme but had to give up at around the 6 week point but intend to start again.

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