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Help!? Mid to upper back pain!


Hello Folks,

I've been running for nearly 2 weeks now and posted on here originally complaining about losing breath very quickly. I feel I have overcome the worst of this (still improving pace and breathing technique and have a long way to go), but I have now come to another barrier - back pain!! I know that this is most likely due to bad posture, so I am working on improving this, but I feel this is mainly due to being unfit and working muscles that just are not used to being trained. I just just wondered if anybody had similar experiences and how long this took to go away.

The pain started under my right shoulder blade, the best way I can explain it is that it does not hurt at all while walking, but when jogging it hurts as I bound along. I quite badly affects my breathing as it is quite a "winding" pain and causes me to stop running much more often than I'd like. In my most recent run last night it started to hurt under my left shoulder blade in exactly the same way (I'm guessing some sort of compensation injury?!

Any stories or experiences o would be appreciated!


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Probably a core strength problem. What are you doing to stretch and flex your back muscles on rest days? Swimming is always good.

Hi Deano, the running intervals need only be a slow jog, just landing as lightly as you can. Try not to bounce. You may be tensing your upper body and shoulders, better to slow down, keep your head up and shoulders down and fists unclenched. Not easy at this stage I know, but you will find it easier as your stamina builds.

Here is a link to the healthunlocked page on running form which might help...

Also stretching your upper body and legs gently after your run while your muscles are still warm will help.

Good luck😊

Thanks for your replies!

trogdelight, I think core strength is definitely a problem so I'll definitely be working on that on rest days! i did go for a swim yesterday but I'm a very poor swimmer so spent most of the time with our baby in the little pool while my wife was swimming!

Bluebirdrunner, thanks for the advice - I probably am trying to do too much and I'm also working in improving my running technique, I think the 'damage' is done now but I'm hoping to feel better soon.

I feel very down today... I'm on my second rest day now and don't fell any better. I don't feel any pain all day if I'm honest, walking is fine and I only felt it today when I sneezed (which out of nowhere was very painful!)! However I just went outside to see if i could jog without pain but it was quite clear that I could not do it. Really tried to run light footed but as soon as I get into any sort of jogging motion I'm in agony. I'm so frustrated that I can't press on, especially after 2 rest days. I also have a 5K which I'm determined to run, but with less than 48 hours left I don't see how I'm going to do it.

So gutted, just want to get out there, I've really been enjoying my runs and I can feel my cardio improving by the run, but this is really setting me back... :-(


BluebirdrunnerGraduate in reply to Deano5

Oh dear, sorry to hear this...more rest from running... hopefully this will settle it.x

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