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When does it become enjoyable?

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I hear so much about people getting a buzz from running. The only buzz I get is when the run is over.

Just completed w7r3.

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I find each run challenging but the sense of achievement at the finish keeps me coming back for more!

The runners buzz . . . Not sure that I've really experienced it either. But on most runs, I do experience fleeting moments of a deep & profound peace when every bit of my body iseems to be working in harmony. .. blissful.. . Howevet, I quickly revert back to prolonged periods of sweating, fatigue and digging deep!

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Not everyone gets a buzz...but many just a feeling of contentment and well being. :)

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I’d like to know that too 😂

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I have got a buzz on a few occasions. Usually for achieving personal goals. The first time you run 5K without stopping. The first time you comfortably run 5K. The first Parkrun. Each time you get a new PB time at a Parkrun. Sub 30 minute 5K etc.

Don’t get me wrong, you have to go through a lot of pain and build up a good level of fitness before you feel a buzz. It’s hard to get there, but it’s worth it. I’m starting back again after a 3 month injury. So know what you mean. I’ll be in a world of pain, but got a buzz last Saturday when I ran and walked a Parkrun in just under 35 mins. No buzz during the run, but a great buzz afterwards.

I've done C25K three times in the past, so just starting my fourth adventure. I can honestly say that I feel a massive boost even after the Wk1 runs. I just seem to feel a sense of euphoria as I recover. The next day is a completely different story though!

Try slowing down.

I am already incredibly slow. I honestly think I'd be quicker walking.

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Spacemonkey14Graduate in reply to C25k100

I felt the same way, still do, tracking distance with GPS helped me realise I was making a small progress each time, helped keep me motivated. The buzz for me is afterwards mostly, knowing I’ve pushed through the pain and achieved something I really wanted 🙂

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IannodaTruffeMentor in reply to C25k100

Many people jog slower than they can walk.....,.. that's fine.

I’ve not felt an buzz while running either, just a grim determination to get through it & a sense of satisfaction once it’s over. I’m still waiting to love running but I think I’m beginning to hate it a bit less, so that’s progress!

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I'll be honest, I hated the actual running bit for ages. Like - possibly - the first couple of years :O I loved having run - the after the run bit. I loved the idea of running. It was the running that I didn't enjoy. I got hot, sweaty, all my flab wobbled, I was out of breath and I didn't enjoy it.

All these things still happen :) Well, not as much the out of breath bit, unless I am puffing up a hill or pushing myself on intervals. I did get fitter though, and better at running, and I suppose my form improved. I don't go through the toxic 10 any more, or not as much, where the first several minutes of running don't go well (for me it was always the toxic 15) and I do enjoy running now. I listen to my body a lot more, so if I am struggling I slow down, or think about which bit is a problem and why. If it's that I am out of breath, I slow down for a couple of minutes. If my legs are aching, I think about my form and if I am using them correctly (usually not!). Some runs just don't go well. Some are brilliant because I'm in a new place, or I see a balloon race taking off, or the bluebells are out, or I had the trail to myself.

Keep going! You're doing great, and graduation is in sight. After that, lots of consolidation and - hopefully - enjoyment of running :)

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I enjoy the fact I've lost weight. I enjoyed buying my new running shoes. I hate the fact I get up at 05.15 to do my runs. I kinda enjoy the fact I can say "I go running now". As for the actual runs I just take out my brain,forget about all the usual stuff and run. As for enjoyment I'm not so sure. I think the fact that we are waiting for something to happen(run for 30 minutes) takes away the enjoyment. It's like a test to see if we can achieve it. I think when you have graduated and the restrictions of the program are removed then maybe you'll be able to enjoy it for what it is. Also take enjoyment in the fact that 7 weeks ago you were only running for a minute at a time.

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