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Nearly there....


Well, we did our penultimate run today. Up at 6am as usual and out by 6:20, down to the lovely Stanwick lakes and the full 30 minutes. Back in February when we started, we struggled and wondered if we could ever be called runners. That happened at week 4! Someone we saw running later said it was unusual to see other runners out at that time. Runners? Us? Yes she said, I saw you running!

On Thursday will be our last run in C25K. The last 30 minutes being coached and then it will be up to us. But we will carry on or the last few months will have been a waste of time. And we do enjoy the running and the wildlife out at silly o'clock. We have also bought bikes and will do bike rides when we can.

Not managed the 5K in 30 minutes but Park Runs beckon. We have done a couple and not done badly, but want to improve.. But back to Thursday.. 6am start again and by 7:10 it will all be over.. We will have done it. Off to France on Friday and on Sunday, back out at silly o'clock for another run. ;-)

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Well done- good luck for Thursday, it’s a special feeling doing that last run of the programme.

What a lovely post I can just visualise you running on the early morning countryside. Well done and enjoy France!


Just put up a picture of where we run in the mornings.. Beautiful place.


Well done. That's a lovely scene.

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