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Week 4 run 1 - the lungs are catching up


First run of week 4 today, wasn’t sure how it was going to go after the hideous humidity of my week 3 run 3.

It went surprisingly ok! But for the first time it felt like my legs were struggling to cope instead of my lungs. My lungs and stamina felt pretty good but my knees started to ache and my left outer shin.

Still pleased with how it went - I found the second 5 mins easier than the first!

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I’ve got this run tomorrow, running a different route to my normal one due to being away and it’s quite hilly so it’s going to be interesting!!

My right knee is also giving me a little grief but went for a swim today to exercise it without impact so hopefully all will go well

I have just done wk 4 run 1 it was ok struggled a bit at end of last 5 min run but finished felt good


Well done you...now stretch, stretch , stretch :)


I’m going for W4R2 in the morning, as it’s half term my son said he might come with me! Keep pushing yourself and look up leg stretches on NHS choices and if you need an extra rest day take it!

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