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Week 4 run 1

Just done first run for week 4. If you had said to me 4 weeks ago you will be running for 5 mins at a time without stopping I would have laughed my socks off....?.but I did run for 5 mins s non stop....twice! 3 mins as well. As Michael Johnson said we run more than walk in week 4 so I can see what the programme is doing for me. Hard at times but I feel good after and look forward to the next one.

Any good tips for warm down stretches etc as I feel I could do a little more that I do at the moment.

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Hi Mrd2001, I was struggling with tightness in my calves too, so stretching is very important. If you google NHS+how to stretch after a run, there is an easy to follow guide. Good luck.


Thanks for the reply. I have moved on to week 5 now and completed the first run no problem. Had to stop run 2 with only couple mins to go......tight calves again. Having 3 days off to recover and search out some better pre run stretches. This will not stop me !!!


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