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Week8 ✔️✔️😡

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Well for my last run of this week I decided to run without the app in the background reminding me how far I had or more importantly , hadn’t run.

I set the timer and alarm on my I phone , plugged into a desert island disc and off I went. All fine until I started to plod . I knew I was nearly there due to surroundings but when looked at phone the timer had zeroed so I had no idea how long I’d gone for.

Started walking back , checked my Fitbit which said I had gone over 5k since I got up ( had. Done a bit of pottering around!) then all of a sudden the bloody alarm started going off!!!

So overall I have no idea if I really did my 28 mins and am left with the feeling of “did I or didn’t I?”

So pissed off! I know realistically I did “about” the right time but left with the feeling that I haven’t achieved anything. Help!!!

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On the Fitbit app/website I think there is a breakdown of when (time of the day) and how much you walked/run.

So you should be able to calculate how much you ran for during your regular run.

If nothing this may give you peace of mind.

Well done on completing W8! Only a week to graduation now. All the best!

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MumsygillGraduate in reply to das_vikas

Thank you!

Checked it and it’s saying I ran for 29 mins!

Going to take it now as a ✔️ and move on. Thanks for the reassurance - week 9 I’m coming!

Good luck with yours too!

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My fitbit does a little graph of when I exercise and usually picks up a run even if I don't tell it to...?

Move on to week 9! You know you can do 28 mins now! Well done! We'e nearly there!

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MumsygillGraduate in reply to Ang33333

Thanks so much. Need some reassurance even at this late stage! Hate it when doubts start creeping in. Think I’ll stick to sarah millican till the end so at least I’ll know defo!

Good luck with yours- lovely day out there! X

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You did it, great work!

The badge fairies are shining up your graduate badge ready for the podium!😀

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MumsygillGraduate in reply to Millsie-J

Oh thank you ❤️

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Oh no what a pain! Glad you managed to find out how long you ran for x

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MumsygillGraduate in reply to pianoteacher

Thank you! Me and technology- agh! X

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pianoteacherGraduate in reply to Mumsygill

I'm exactly the same 😂

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Well done 👍🏻 You did it, onwards and upwards to week 9 xx

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MumsygillGraduate in reply to JoBC

Thank v much! Have a good day x

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