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Fitbit users/Gadget freaks, advice please!


So, as you'll have guessed, I am both. A touch of OCD means I can't do anything without some numbers. When I spent time at the gym I was obsessed with speed, distance, incline and every other measurement there was. This programme has calmed me down, a bit, as I realise slow and steady will get me further long-term.

Now comes the "but". I do still keep an eye of my fitbit stats and I'm particular my resting heart rate. When I'm very fit, I personally sit at 51-53 resting HR. Unfit or sick this is 61-63. I've just competed W7 and have noticed in the past week my resting HR has started climbing. Today it was away up at 66! What's going on.

I have lost some weight, not a lot, but had to fasten my watch one notch in. Would that make a difference?

Any views would be greatly appreciated.


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No idea, and anything medical ought to be checked out - probably nothing but we'd be unwise to "diagnose" over the forum (unless it's an issue with your fitbit). Take it easy eh! And good on you for absorbing the "slow and steady" mantra :)


Gym machines, Fitbit, chat forums and Google are your friendly data info disposal units but for anything more specific, accurate and reassuring you will need an expert human, one-to-one. Doctors, we call them. ;)

And, don't be obsessed with stats, leave that to pro runners, we are blessed with maximum personal power, living in a zero responsibility zone!


I'd be reluctant to put too much store in what I'm being told by a piece of consumer technology. Resting HR going up after n weeks sounds at best puzzling. Like mrrun says, any concerns check in with your GP. But my instinctive answer is that it's a Fitbit problem.

That said, it sounds proper screwy and we don't want you in any peril. Get your GP to have a look, tho if you've access to another tech in the meantime do a check on that too.

Wishing you well, happy and running!! xx

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