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My husband just came into the living room, when you going on your run? He goes along and at 6' 3" his height plus the fact he's a busy GP means his normal walk is a rushed he's usually done walking my path before I'm done running it. I'm really lucky to live near a castle with a gorgeous Loch and some new baby swans to enjoy while I run...

BUT: is this run really as crazy as I've read? I was thinking after W5R3, it looked easier somehow?

We shall see...

Thanks to all the support I've had from people here, it helps!! Especially on lazy Sundays, that said I really enjoy run days and really wish I could do more.

Happy running to all out there today!! X

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Fingers crossed for you hon. Take it really really slowly. It's a quiet arse-biter to be sure xx


Ha ha ha!! There's a run thing called dead butt, it's pain between the bottom of your butt and top of the legs...I've had it a couple runs and that's what came to mind.

Thanks for making me laugh and the cheering on.

I shall return!!



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