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W4R1 Well that was a shock to the system!!

So glad i went out early before it gets too warm! All good though 😊

Coincidentally, you dont know how many white vans are on the road til you run at 6am on a Sunday morning!! Im sure theres some sort of secret “white van club” who must meet early each Sunday before anyone else is awake 😂 I literally see 100’s of them on my runs!

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Hahahahah... You need to read my post ( although it was ages ago) about the white van driver who tried to drown me:)

Well done you.. what a great start to the day... I am heading out, now, a little later for me, but fortunately no white vans on the fields:)

Have a great day :)

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😱 oh gosh, what an endearing person he sounds!!!! Im a strong believer in karma, so i hope he had a crap day after that!!

Aside from that, ive only done one of my runs in the rain, and i also loved it! I was soaked to the skin, but it was kinda, strangely, invigorating 😐

Enjoy todays run 😊 x

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Thanks.. rain is good... refreshing as you say :)

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