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Week 1 done

Week 1 done

Done my last run of week one today, for some stupid reason I started at the mid week! Suppose anytime is good as long as your starting, first run was ok, not as bad as I though, second run was harder than I thought, my legs felt heavy and my breathing was crap but it was windy so that probably didn’t help me, done my last day of week one today and it was hard, it was so hot which was great as sweating more fat out but the good thing for me was that I covered a lot more ground which felt fantastic to see that I got further between my runs. But week two doesn’t feel that exciting, wondering is it worth redoing week one again, I ran for a minute and a half approx today as pulled my headphones out my phone without realising so missed her telling me to stop 😂 was thinking to myself this minute feels like an eternity. I’m not sure how I would manage doing it for the duration of the run though.

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If you complete a run, move on, as detailed in the guide to the plan…………………...too-fast


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