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Week 5 Run 1 - Hang on a minute!

Afternoon ladies & gents - well after only a single rest day after W4R3, I went out this morning (after a whole load of procrastination) for W5R1, I’d run for 5 mins in W4, so thought I’d be fine........ and I was! :) 3 x 5 min runs, recovered completely well within the 3 minute walks - bring on R2......oh dear, hang on a minute R2 is 2 x 8 minutes......

So far I’ve doubted myself, have wondered if my recovery has been enough.... but it’s all psychological.

At the start the the run, Laura announced that I could do it and any blockers would more than likely be psychological. For me run 1 was he hardest.... I just need to get going.... and walk (that wasn’t too bad!)

Run2 coming up (you can do it - Laura tells me!) and off I go again..... and walk (where did that 5 minutes go?) - what I’ve started the notice in my runs is that I’m concentrating so hard on maintaining a steady deep breathing pattern (ie not panting) that the minutes go by quite fast. I’m just breathing and making sure my legs maintain a forward motion (I’m relying on physics and 18st of perpetual motion to keep me moving lol)

Gearing up for the final run, fully recovered and off we go...plod plod plod plod wheeze plod and repeat.....

Poof - 5 minutes gone. Was it hard? Absolutely.

Could I have run further? Technically I guess I could have, but I was very glad it over (as my calves & hamstrings scream - DONT EVER DO THAT TO US AGAIN!)

R2 is Tuesday and I’ll take a two day rest before running the dreaded 20 minutes on Friday. If anyone has tips for R3 I’d be interested... Julian1970 might get there a day before me - good luck mate!

@Sallenson - you got this W4 shizzle in the bag

8 minutes pah! - let’s keep going! We’ll get there eventually 🤔🏃‍♂️

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