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First post....Week 5 and still going strong


Hi all. Having had a bad experience of trying the C25K a few years ago - I decided to try it again 5 weeks ago. My work colleague and I change straight after work, and get out and get it done. I am around 4 stone overweight - but pretty active and strong. During week 1, run 1... I thought - how on earth will I manage running 90 seconds!!

Having my work colleague with me, we found we chatted along the well as a few long heavy breathing pauses!

My colleague went off on holiday for 2 weeks last week...and I have stuck at it. I dressed my week 5 day 2... How could I possibly run for 8 mins!? Done it. So happy...

Then week 5, day 3... Could this be a typo? Run for 20????? Off I went on Friday at 0700....and smashed it!! I have Queen, don't stop me thank for the boost - I actually smiled from ear to ear when it came on!!

I won't lie...I doubted my form at times... I could tell my legs were tiring as my right foot was getting sloppy....and also my right hip was a little painful....BUT I DID IT!!

We have been doing the runs 4x per week, I know it states only 3, but we choose an easy day of that week to do....and we have not had any injuries yet. Although I am desperate (did I just say that) to get out today... I have decided to do the 3 runs total this week....will see how I do next week.

I really honestly cannot believe that I have come so far since moaning in week one!!!

Long may this continue. A wonderful program 😉

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