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Such a surprise

Well.. after over a week off I was dreading getting back to it. The thought of starting W5 R1 after a week off was so daunting. I was scared that I would have to start at the beginning again thinking I’d have lost all the hard work that I’d put in. But guess what.... I blinking did it! With My amazing friend Christine’s voice in my head “take it slow “ I can do this!!!! Back on track. 👍🏼

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I am literally in the same position, just completed wk5 run 1 after a week off, feels good to be back 👍🏻🏃🏻‍♀️

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Well done. Week 5 is a great week - I hope the other two runs go just as well. Just take R3 slowly.

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It takes two weeks or more before significant loss of condition is going to be noticed, so well done.........onward.


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