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Week 2 run 3 completed

So that's week 2 done. In some respects it was easier than I thought it would be, but in others harder.

I am beginning to think that a lot of this is mental rather than physical. My mind tends to tell me that this is hard and I should stop but if I can get past that my body seems to manage ok. That said it's still bloody physical enough at times.

I'm nervous about week 3 but then again I was about week 2. So onwards and slowly upwards week 3 run 1 on Sunday. Let's see what monsters lay there.

Have a good weekend everyone. Run safe


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Some runs are more of a physical challenge, others more of a mental one. Three minutes may seem like a long time to run, but you can do it.


I definitely think it is mind over body! I done my first run of week 8 today (28 minutes) and it was so easy but on Monday I couldn’t manage my 25 minute run at all and had to give up and again struggled on Wednesday but persevered. I don’t know why I found it so hard that day in comparison to today but I wish I had broken through the wall and carried on!

Keep at it! 3 minutes will feel like nothing soon!!


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