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Week 6 Run 1

This morning was the start of week six, I started the first five minuets and found this ok started the eight minutes run and was doing ok when I was starting to feel tired Sarah millican suddenly announces well done you have just run for four minutes, I’m sure her times out of whack I’m sure I was running for longer but I dug down and managed to complete that and the next five minutes run it was hard I find the stopping and starting the hardest as you just get into your stride and it’s a stop but I’m still alive and still going with this plan and pleased as punch to be talking about completing week 6 run 1 I might make it as a runner yet

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I've found the starting and stopping to be a killer this week. I'm now actually looking forward to W6R3 as I know it's non-stop.


Well done for completing!


We’ll done for battling on!


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