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W9R1 Complete


Morning - hope everyone’s having a lovely bank holiday and enjoying their C25K journey.

I have just completed W9R1. I use a Fitbit Charge 2 with GPS to my phone. Normally, I just start my Fitbit and my phone at the start of each run, and record the whole lot including warm up and cool down as one running activity. This morning, I recorded the three separate stages, so I could see what I actually achieved in the 30 min run. Fitbit records in good old fashioned miles, which I’ve just converted, and I’m really pleased with 4.4 km distance for the 30 minutes. So I doubt I’ll make 5K by the end of this week, but will hopefully be just a little bit closer, and will reach 5K within the 30 minutes in the weeks to come.

I feel like I’ve leapt ahead suddenly in the last couple of weeks. I hope this gives everyone some reassurance and motivation that the programme works. Try not to anxious about the increasing running time. Do the best you can, and remind yourself that this is what you’ve been working towards and you can do this. :)

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Thank you for posting this and I have just finished week 6 this morning, I completed it but started to question if I will get better at this. I have a fitbit 2. I am going to use your advice as I go through the next weeks about recording separate stages


Sounds like you have this thing in the bag! Well done.

It's worth remembering though that the majority of new graduates aren't running 5k in 30 minutes and some like me have yet to run a sub 30 min 5k (despite having completed 10k recently). Deciding to improve on a 5k time is a great goal to work on after graduation but remember to still have fun consolidating those 30 minute runs. Irish-John has recently posted on lesson to be learned about focussing soley on speed - it's worth a read.

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