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Knee pain on couch to 5k week 4 - is it terminal?

I did the first run of the nhs week 4 couch to 5k this morning. I’d bought knee supports for both legs last week as I was feeling twinges - however, both knees now really sore and painful and I am very despondent about not being to carry on on this podcast - shall I rest and go back to square 1 in a bit or do I need to keep going with painkillers?

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Knee exercises first... have you got the right shoes for the runs too? Lots of tips here about shoes etc...


Knee exercises...


Do not run through pain and do not run with painkillers... it masks the pain, but any injury remains... warm up well before every run and stretch well after.

Do try to land lightly too...I call it, kissing the ground with your feet:)

I am sure it will ease:) Well done you!

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I had the same w3r2 and the advise Oldfloss gave me around the knee exercises really helped. I've been doing them every morning since and completed w4r1 yesterday with only a twinge no pain and didn't need my knee support. Good luck hope it soon eases.


Oldfloss is right, I have had meniscus problems in both knees and exercising every day has really helped them. Squats help me strengthen my quads which take the strain off the knee joint.


The advice given by Oldfloss is great and may well help. The usual advice to anyone suffering shin splints or knee pain is to reduce the impact of running. Technique wise, slow down, keep footfall under your body, not out in front (overstriding), avoid heelstriking, land as gently as possible. Running on a treadmill or softer surfaces, such as grass reduces impact. Wearing proper running shoes fitted after a gait analysis done at a specialist running shop can make a huge difference, especially if the shoes you are using are not running shoes.

We will do all we can to encourage you to continue running, but masking continuing pain with pain killers is not advisable. If this recurs then consult a medical professional, either GP or physio.

Knee strengthening exercises can improve the situation. Take care.


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