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Week 3 complete. Advice needed

So I have completed week three and I am really enjoying the app and getting out there moving . Loving the run /walks even though the runs are starting to hurt.

I want to know at what point will the want to carry on run kick in cos at moment as soon as the voice says slow down and walk I really don't need to be told twice.....

It still isn't enough running for my daughter and my partner and I just wanted to be able to run next to them and not give up

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The problem may be because you are running with your partner and your daughter. Everybody needs to do the C25K workouts at an easy conversational pace, at which you are not gasping as you talk. That will be different for each individual and somebody amongst the three of you, I suspect you, is being compromised and not running at your easy conversational pace. Lots of people have your doubts, but when they slow down to the appropriate pace they suddenly start enjoying themselves.

Maybe you don't all stick together quite so much, or the faster ones loop round to keep in touch. If you try this everyone will be running at an optimal pace and you can still complete your workouts at the same time.

Well done on your progress.

Have you read the guide to the plan ?


Thank you for your advice. I'm going to do the next run by myself see if that helps me . X


I’m mid week 7 running 25 mins a time, I fine at about 12 mins things get better and I feel I can run for ages.... until 20 mins when things get hard again. But I force myself to slow down and keep going x

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Thank you Beth x


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