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Been a bit lazy this week and today is my first run of the week which should have been Monday. Oops.

Was not feeling it this morning if I am honest, was tired and achey and stretching beforehand even considered packing it in. Even the 5 minute warm up wasn’t great .... however, as soon as I started the first run I was in the groove and powered through. I could easily have kept going after 5 minutes. The second run was harder but the third was quite good again.

This program works. It really does and once I mentally get myself going to go a run I love it!


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So much of the battle is mental. Those gremlins will try every trick in the book to get you to pack it in. Don't let them win 👍😁

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Weird isn’t it! Once you get going you then don’t want to stop! 😃😃

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