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W2R3 - Gait Analysis

Completed my week 2 today. Planning to take 2 days rest before starting week 3. Feeling good!

I looked at the week 3 plan and it does look challenging.

I’ll be doing lot of stretching and will be keeping myself hydrated. I hope it will help getting on with week 3 easier.

I was reading one of the pinned blogs and it recommends to seriously think about getting gait analysis done and buy trainers based on the gait analysis if going beyond week 4

What is your opinion on it folks? And lastly any place that someone can recommend me to get gait analysis done in Milton Keynes?


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Well done! It sounds like you are doing brilliantly 😀

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Congratulations! That's the second major milestone.

I plan on getting an analysis done soon. I'm about two hours east of you ànd could probably do with some advice as well on where to go.



I was searching for some places where I can get GAIT analysis done near MK. Found one in MK, one in Bedford, one in Oxford. Wouldn’t mind travelling an hour or so if the place has good reputation for the analysis.


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