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Rest day activity

Hi All

I am moving in to week 6 this week. Yesterday I took part in my first ever park run. I walked about 2k of it and completed it in 45 mins. I am so pleased with myself. Just a quick question on rest days I am doing a brisk 30 minute walk and so far it’s been ok although during the park run my calf muscles became very tight and I had to walk it out to stop cramp setting in. What do people think about walking between runs?


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That is interesting, I walk every day for up to an hour and a half to walk dogs, quite briskly. So I do that on a rest day, I haven't had calf muscle problems and I always do stretching exercises after both the run days and walk days. By the way well done on the park run, its something I would like to attempt soon

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That’s good to know thank you for the response. I also take my dogs out but they are small dogs and not great when it comes to brisk walks LOL


Walking, cycling, swimming, Pilates, yoga, weights........ anything that is non impact is great cross training, as described in the guide to the plan

Well done on the parkrun.


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