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Advice on resting after climbing a mountain!


I’ve complete W8R2, which has to be said, was my best run. Everything came together. Running for 28mins seemed ’easy’, I felt comfortable, energised and relaxed.

But that was Thursday. On Saturday I travelled to Wales and climbed Snowdon! I have aching calves and hips this morning. Rightly proud of myself, but now my brain is turning to this week and how much rest I need before tackling W8R3 and so on. Any ideas? Thank you

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I completed most of my runs on alternate days but some runs I left a bigger gap for exactly the same reason as you! I would wait until your aches have passed. I'm sure you don't want to jeopardize your c25k by being too eager. Weirdly my body told me this too - I just didn't want to run until I was ready. Then I just knew it was okay and ran.


Keep moving.... plenty of stretches and a few knee exercises maybe. Stiffening up can be an issue otherwise... :)

At this stage of the plan... you should be fine; rest today and then just carry on as normal with your runs... slow and steady...really slowly if necessary.

Listen to your body though... if it is telling you as you head out, that there is a problem..then stop and regroup:)

I love climbing mountains... currently at the Coast at Criccieth, in my holiday home and watching the rain and on my shelf, I have a little hat that my Father bought for me from the shop at the top, the first time I climbed Snowdon with him..:) The hat is 54 years old... :)

Sorry I digress... Take it steady and I feel you will be just fine:)

Fb75Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

I love walking too. Snowdonia is beautiful. Very pleased with the achievement of Snowdon yesterday and the fact that running is back in my mind already is telling!! Thanks for your advice as always.


Keep moving as Oldfloss says but start to learn the language that your body is talking.

Many running the London marathon today will be out for a recovery run tomorrow (not recommended for new runners).

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