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Finally back & loving it already!


Good morning everyone on this beautiful day!

I am finally back. Decided to start back from week 1 Run 1. Felt abit disappointed knowing that I was 3 runs away from graduating back in late November last year but let's look forward and not backwards. Will keep in mind that I almost done it before and so I will do it this time (hoping all goes well).

So I came in from a night shift this morning but felt really energised and so I decided to make use of this lovely weather and head over to my local field where I started this journey last year September. I think everyone was thinking alike today because alot of runners are over here doing their exercises.

No need for me to feel self conscious as I've been here before. Missed listening to my running playlist and so in goes the headphones and off I went. Remembering all that I learnt last year. Slow and steady, breathing, no bouncing, landing lightly on my feet, head up etc etc.

Before I knew it I had finished week 1 run 1 again. Stretched and now sitting down watching the local Saturday 3k Parkrun runners go by.

I'm so glad to be back & praying that all goes well this time for me.

Have a lovely weekend everyone. I'm heading home now and off to bed.x

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Morning Donna. What a lovely post. I’m only a newbie- end wk3- but loving the support on here. I run at about 6.30 too but that’s when I’m getting up!!Good luck getting back into it- oh and have a good sleep!


First one done✔ No doubt or worries this time, you know you can do it...

Relax and enjoy the training😊xx

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