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Couch to 5K
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I had some success with weight loss on here last year, then various illnesses and injuries over the winter put me right back where I started. So this time I thought I'd try running. I have been lurking throughout Week 1 in case I was too pathetic to finish it. But here I am, just finished W2R1. Blimey. Never thought I'd make it to the end of this. It was hot even in the shade. And then I put on a bit of a spurt to try to look a bit less cream-crackered and pathetic when the bin lorry drove past. Don't ask me why. I don't really care what Veolia's employees think of me. Anyway it nearly killed me, so I staggered back down my nice secluded and shady riverside path where I can puff and pant away far from prying eyes lol! Really pleased to have moved on to Week 2. I had been thinking of repeating W1 but read some of the comments on this forum and decided to give it a go. So thank you!

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Woohoo!! Welcome!! Amazing, you're into it now, keep it up and keep us updated on how it's going, great support here.

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Thanks Amandana!


I’m due to do week two run one next and very nervous, well done you on taking the next step!


It's much easier than you think! But you probably already know that by now.


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