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W7 R2 and a treat


Yesterday i treated myself to a new t-shirt to go running in so that I did not have to feel conscious in a vest top, I also bought a running belt cos my arm band is annoying me.

So great start to the morning run - I was comfortable, good route planned, maintained pace throughout and really enjoyed being out in the sun this morning. Felt great at the end - another 25 min run completed without stopping and i loved it.

I have however managed to do something to my calf :-( - it is pretty painful when i get up from sitting, or try and walk downstairs. I have been stretching after all runs so its not that and i have decent running trainers...guess i'm gonna have to rest up a couple of days and see how it goes. Gutted about it

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Have you tried using a foam roller on your calf? Wisdom says that they help with muscle ache, although they feel quite ferocious.

I have a large smooth one and a small knobbly peanut one that looks like a dog chew toy.

And an extra rest day works wonders after the longer runs.

alisonxGraduate in reply to Sarararara

thank you - yes i have heard a lot about foam rollers, I'm not gonna lie they scare me but may well be worth giving it a try.

SararararaGraduate in reply to alisonx

Go for a smooth one, far less punishing and very cheap on eBay!

Could not recommend flip belts enough. Massive difference to having your phone/keys whack your knees from your jacket pocket if you have to take it off and fasten around your waist. Also, totally get the t-shirt comment, done the same. Don't mind the vests at gym but less so around the neighbourhood. Sorry to hear of your injury. Likewise I'd suggest foam roller. If you're still suffering after that take some time and maybe try some Pilates. Great for recovery. Good luck with your runs. (Doesn't sound right, does it!)

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