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Unexpected run in the hills! W2R1


So having to travel is all very well and good - but it mucks up your plans to run...unless you find yourself in hotel with a gym, $5 running kit hire and running machines that allow you to run wit south island New Zealand on the screen, complete with changing gradients! Loved my run and found it straight forward- looking forward to the next one either friday or saturday!

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Wow; I’ve never heard of running kit hire. If you go again take a picture of the screen.

Well done on getting your run done 👍🏽

I will add a picture next time - I am here for another fed days so will run later today or tomorrow. Its a Westin hotel, I think its a thing they do at lots of their hotels - brilliant idea. Pair of new socks and clean kit for $5 a stay (or $5 each time you replace!) very welcome

That’s a great idea!


Well done!

I'm still too scared of gradient at the moment.

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