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Success is mine, how very fine! First postgrad run


Oh my word that was hard work! 😳 It’s around 20 degrees out there, which is too warm for me to have any enthusiasm for running, but it’s a running night and I’ve only just graduated so really don’t want to make excuses at this point!

Right from the start my breathing felt less settled than usual - still controlled, but not as comfortably in my normal rhythm. Knowing that almost certainly meant I was trying to go too fast, despite feeling glacially slow, I slowed down - and that helped! It may have taken me a few years to really understand this, but I’ve finally learned to let my breathing dictate my pace! Yay me! :D

At one point I got somewhat heckled by a bunch of lads in a boat on the river ‘encouraging’ me - but I ignored them, and took the genuine encouragement from the homeless man on his usual bench (he always cheers me on, and is genuinely encouraging!).

Eventually, and not a moment too soon, Laura said that was my 30 minutes. Phew!

My RunKeeper stats are slightly off for tonight, as I got a bit distracted by starting Spotify instead of using a podcast tonight, so I didn’t remember to start it until I’d been running for around a minute, instead of at the start of the warm-up. Ah well!

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Well done you... an interesting run.... you are doing wonderfully!


Well done!

Great work RainbowC...

I found doing the stepping stones podcast helped me learn that a slow start is a good thing, your breathing settles after 10 mins so its really beneficial not to go off too quickly..

Well done running in that heat😥xx


I should remember to thank Jancanrun for the Spotify playlist which got me around last night - I decided not even to look and see what was on it, but just to take it as it came. Some great tracks on there!

I'll go back to the C25k+ podcasts at some point soon-ish, but am aware that at the moment my foot strike rate is not even close to their slowest, so want to just spend a little bit of time building up my self-belief and letting the speed come naturally... (hah! ;) )


Good advice, I'll be doing the same when i finish (soon!) I feel so slow, I don't think I even cover 3k in my 30mins but I daren't check yet!

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