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Don’t drink kids!


So last week I completed week 1 on a high, felt great for it and was buzzing for week 2. Then came the sun and the grand national and it screamed pub at me. Anyway long story short I have a few beverages and did something stupid when drunk and pub my legs out of action for 5 day’s leaving me unable to start week 2. So this morning with legs mostly better I started week 1 again and wow it was hard, the weather is warmer which didn’t help but the insides of me knees were really sore whilst running and put it this way I’m sure if I could see myself running this morning I’d have had a little chuckle! So today will be googling to see what I can do about my knees, have a rest day and get out again sat morning (really early incase it’s a scorcher!)

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Check this out.. it may keep you on the straight and narrow:) At least you had the sense not tor to run after your heavy session:)

Plenty of water, all the time and especially as the weather heats up..:)


I gave up the demon drink and now feel a zillion percent better 😁

Did that and overhauled my diet. Started walking to get me moving and now I can’t stop

We can achieve all sorts when we put our minds to it

Good luck! 😃

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