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left leg weakness

Hi, I'm struggling a bit with left leg weakness now I'm running a bit more (week 7). It doesn't feel like tired muscle, almost like trapped nerve on front of thigh. It is worse at the start of the run and when walking afterwards (and days in between runs), when running it actually eases off. I don't know if I'm running weirdly or whether it will eventually sort itself out. Any tips/suggestions appreciated, thanks.

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Do your trainers fit properly? And are they right for you? Would really suggest foam rolling! It's ace at getting rid of those tightnesses and will really help your muscles in the long run! You could also supplement running with strength training to make sure those muscles are powerful enough for your runs


Thanks Pickettemma, my trainers are the same ones I used last time I did C25K, and are a size bigger than my normal to allow for foot expansion when running. I was given them by a friend who does lots of running, but as you say they might not be right for me now. Also, what the heck is foam rolling?! Would like to give it a try if it will help. I am also doing the NHS strength & Flex programme to help.


Basically just rolling out your muscle on a big foam roller, like self massage or myofasicial release! you can get ones with like little squares on them which massage a bit more... Google it! Foam rolling is a bit of a life saver


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