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W3R3 then knee injury 🙁

Very new to this running lark! But I was feeling motivated and the runs were going well. Then in a non running incident I tripped on uneven ground and wrenched my knee. There's no swelling but it hurts to touch the side of my knee, it's quite sore all the time and I daren't run. I'm actually missing running, is there anything I can do to speed up the healing?

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Oh dear! These things happen! I had three non running related injuries at the start of the programme. Very frustrating

You can use RICE Rest Ice compression Elevation I think ice really works well You can do pain relief if needs be, using Ibuprofen etc but the anti-inflamm bit does take a while to kick in

Rest is obvious. raise your knee when you can. Hopefully you’ll be back out there soon 👍


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