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Week 6 run 2, that’s more like it!


After a disastrous run on Monday I am pleased to say today’s run was much better and I enjoyed it! Very odd as Monday was less running but I hated every minute of it and found it hard work. Something in the air on Monday perhaps as others have said similar things. Anyway, relieved that it went well today, now just need to put Fridays run out of my mind until the day, easier said than done! 😃

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I think I expected week 6 run 1 to feel comfortable after the 20 minutes in week 5 run 3.

When it wasn't that threw me.

This programme is preparing us for the longer runs (and it does work)

I was not unhappy to leave the interval runs.

Enjoy it. And take the longer runs nice and slow. 🤩


Well done and good luck for your next run! :)


Well done Hels! Not sure I can say that I enjoyed today, but it sure was better than Monday’s struggle!

Can you believe that we’re over half way through now? Go us!x

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