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wk 8 calf cramp crisis!

hi, into week 8 /1 monday. all good. then had to go away for a few days midweek, so missed my wednesday run - but back for the friday morning full of confidence and hoping to pick up where I left off. But at just over halfway, pulled up with the most painful debilitating cramp or calf muscle pull imaginable. I mean, really painful. I could barely hobble my way home. however, though still painful, it's eased up a little over the weekend, so went out for a run on monday - but the same thing happened - if not worse. Couldn't even walk up the stairs when I got home! I'm so disappointed having come so close to completing the 9 wks - yet here I am a crock. My dilemma is - should I keep exercising, attempting to run, and perhaps risk exacerbating the cramp/injury further, or should I rest it up and and fall back from the fitness levels I've worked so hard to achieve. that would be very dispiriting. suggestions anyone?

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My husband experienced something years ago that sounds very much like that.

He tried to run through it and the outcome was on the IC for quite a while and physio support .

I would say rest it, but I am a novice. See what all the experienced runners say.

Hope it's not too long.


Rest, ice and elevation? I’m not a medic but when I damaged my Achilles’ tendon last year it took about 5 days of rest, ice and elevation (and painkillers) before I could walk without pain let alone jog. Aches are okay. Pain isn’t. Don’t be too despondent. You will be up and out there soon x

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That definately sounds like something that needs to be rested before you try again.

Try some self massage, calves can get very tight. If it's feasible a sports massage might be worth it, plus they have superb knowledge of sports injuries 👍 look after yourself 😀


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