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Running leggings with smartphone pocket?

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Hi, sorry I have seen a few posts of this sort before but now I can't find them and I need help! Can anyone recommend a pair of ladies running leggings - preferably black with no wacky patterns - that have a pocket that's big enough for a smart phone? I have looked at loads but they all seem to have a little 'media pocket' at the back that isn't big enough. I could fit my little iPod thingie in, but while I'm using the couch to 5k app I want to take my actual phone - it's not one of these massive ones either, 14cmx7cm. Any advice greatly appreciated, in anticipation of this supposed heatwave we've got coming I'll be ditching my jumper (which has a pocket!). Thanks!

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My ronhills have an expandable pocket, both my long and my capris. I have an iphone but it’s not massive My ronhill capris also have side pockets they’re called Ron hill “cargo” trail 👍

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mrs_wilsonGraduate in reply to misswobble

Thanks for that! I live near the ronhill factory shop so I might be able to pick up a bargain :O)

Look at equestrian leggings! I’m not sure how they compare price wise with running leggings but I know the Horseware ones I have are plain black and my iPhone 7 fits in the pocket :)

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You could consider a running belt, lots of us use them.

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Weglet in reply to Millsie-J

I use a Spibelt to fit my iphone plus and it doesn’t budge. Love it! Have ordered a water bottle to clip on to the belt now that the weather is getting warmer.

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I bought these. Yes they are the men’s version but I believe they do ladies. There are two front side pockets big enough for my iPhone 8. I put my key in the other pocket. Neither moves when running as the leggings conform to your body shape snugly (but not uncomfortably). The zips are water resistant and feel very secure. The same brand does other gear like shorts (same pockets) and tops (some with a “media pocket”).

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Jay66UKGraduate in reply to Jay66UK

Link forgotten!

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I've just bought a flipbelt for this reason. At the mo my phone goes in my running jacket pocket but it's a brick and far too big for the pockets my leggings have. Means I've more room for my inhaler now too as my jacket only has one pocket.

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I got one if these - it's great pop phone in - hook keys in - flip it over and away to go - I take it on walks too x

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Thanks so much everyone for all the recommendations and links! Really helpful, I'm sure I'll find something now :O)

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I would buy a running top with a smart phone pocket instead. I can’t put my phone there coz as my arse sweats while running my phone will get wet🤣🤣

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mrs_wilsonGraduate in reply to Hidden

Not something I had considered but thanks for the tip, I'll bear it it in mind!

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Hidden in reply to mrs_wilson

Maybe you can put your phone into a ziplock bag first😉

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Yes it Does! My phone got damp against my back and lifted the front cover screen. It broke in the end as it wouldn’t go back properly

I dont like carrying anything, and keep stuff to an absolute minimum

A waterproof phone cover might be in order! I have one already as I have small kids and it has saved my phone a couple times! I have the LifeProof case which is sleeker than the OtterBox for my iPhone 6.

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