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Back in the game wk10r1


Many people may ask what is week 10. Well I’ve decided to start bridge 2 10k and instead off starting at wk1 I’ve decided to carry on from c25k. My last run was last Sunday and from Monday onwards I was full of manflu (dread to think the day when woman get manflu😉😂😂😂😂) so was just resting up. I had a little session in the gym yesterday to see how my fitness levels were. I had been in work so I think I still wasn’t ready for a proper session. I downloaded a podcast for bridge to 10k and put it on as I started on my session. The music was awful and to top it off as soon as my 5 minute warm up walk was over a voice comes on and just says RUN! I had had enough then and switch to podcast off and decided to listen to my own music and just keep a eye on the timer. The 1st 10 minutes seem to fly by and I had a nice rhythm going. I had set the treadmill to 7.5kph. It’s a bit slower then I normally go at as I try to run between 8.5 & 10.5kph. The reason for the slow speed was because I still didn’t feel 100% and didn’t want to fail if I had started of to fast. Before I knew it I was just finishing my second run and felt a little tired. I dug in and made to to my next 1 minute rest. The rest felt so short but I was soon back in on my way and before I knew it I was down to my last run. By this time I was really feeling it but I knew I only had one run to go. The first 5 minute were like the longest 5 minutes I ever had. I decided to notch up the pace from 7.5 to 8.0 not a lot in speed but I could feel my body be given a proper workout. As I reached my final minute I couldn’t believe I had just jogged for 40 minutes from being ill for a week. By then the sweat was poring of me but I felt amazing that I was back in the seat and on my way to 10k. Over the last 4 months my life has changed so much for the better. I’ve almost lost 3st in weight I’ve cut down on my antidepressant and I’m such a happier person I sleep much better as well. This Friday my parents come up and stay and they have no idea about my journey I’ve been on. I decided to surprise them so I haven’t even been able to brag about my success on social media. I hope that if anyone thinks that they can’t so this as they are fat lazy never run in my life ect look at ME! I’m 35 I’ve gone from a 19.06st fat man to a 16.07 big man my bmi is almost under the magic 30 which will MEAN I’m no longer obese. I’m the 35 year old guy who when was in school would all ways forget my PE kit on cross country day. My goal now is to maybe one day go back to the school and run the way we use to go just so I can say I did complete the cross country run once in my life 😂 any way thanks for reading and good luck to anyone that is thinking about starting c25k as I know and every other person on this site will tell you it will change your life for the BETTER

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Glad you are feeling better doug.😊

Your parents will be so delighted and amazed at what you can do!

Great post!😊x


Well done on your progress.

When increasing distance you should always run at a gentle pace, ie. you never push distance and pace on the same run.

Take care.


Well done biggydoug. About women getting man flu? Chances are we won't even notice😂🤣😂🤣


Congratulations on everything!! Sounds like you’re doing brill and I’m sure your folks will be dead chuffed for you 👍🏻💪🏻

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