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Leeds/Headingley best running spots?


I’m Bertie, an unfit student wanting to feel more healthy and confident (plus a bit of light relief from exam revision)!

Just done my first run, W1R1, back home in rural Hebden Bridge (very hilly: very out of breath). Move back to Leeds this weekend for uni and wondering if people can suggest good running spots around/near Headingley for when I put my running shoes on again this Monday.


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Can't answer your question, but I do plug the guide to the plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5... to every newcomer, as it is designed to answer many more general queries.

Enjoy your journey.

Thanks, this post really helped!!


Welcome Bertie, C25K / running is perfect relaxation for revision times - it is how my husband began running. 40 years on, he is still enjoying it!

I can’t answer your question about places to run, except to say there is nothing wrong with using residential streets (hopefully near where you live.) If I go running in an area that I don’t know, I look on Google maps for possible routes. Exploring is part of the fun! 😄

Good luck with the exams and the running! 😃

bpyates in reply to Elfe5

Thanks very much!

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