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W8R3 today at parkrun

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Having run alone since my running buddy fell at the first hurdle (not literally) I suddenly have a running buddy for this run and she wants to do parkrun so I've changed my plan and will complete W8R3 there today. Neither of us is used to talking on a run so it'll be quiet but companionable. I'm going to tell her to leave me if she feels I'm holding her back. I'm not sure that I'll be able to do the same but I hardly think the situation will arise. I'm s-l-o-w!

Have a lovely run this weekend. 😊

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Do it, do it, do it! Parkrun is for everyone, don’t worry about being slow, parkrun isn’t bothered, just wants you to join in. I’m volunteering at mine today, can’t wait ! Love it!


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msanni in reply to Madge50

I had run Parkrun before but not with anyone. I didn't finish.

Have fun!

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All the best with the run, look forward to hearing how it goes! :)

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