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Wow.....W2R3 just killed me


just back from my W2R3 "run" and I can't believe how hard I found it. After "enjoying" my previous run I even went out in daylight for the first time! Not sure if this had an effect as `I think I maybe went a tiny bit faster or my legs were just tired but for whatever reason it was a struggle (like W1R1).....however trying to be positive I did go out even though I didn't feel like it and I finished it.

I'm dreading week 3 now.......but it is Friday and there is a gin and tonic with my name on it coming soon!

Happy weekend everyone.

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Important to keep your confidence up. Yes some runs are easier than others but that's ok. When you first start, a tricky run can really undermine your faith in yourself and in the programme, but don't let it. As you grow in experience you will come to learn that this is just how it is. Good runs and bad runs- sometimes there is a reason, often not. Enjoy the gin!

Sooz31Graduate in reply to helenwheels

Thank you! I have been thinking that I might need to do another week 2 run but after your post I am going to be confident and move onto week 3.

Move on to W3 - W2 is history now, you did it. And W3 will look remarkably easier after the gin!🍸

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