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The step up at the beginning of each week so far has been a mental challenge - you get "used" to doing the previous week's splits, then you look at your new challenge and think "can I do this?".

This morning I proved I could!

My first five minute jog did feel like it went on forever, I definitely needed determination, then at four minutes my music dipped and the voice said "one minute left" - I was so sure at that point that it must have been the whole time that I slowed down, but no, I pushed for that last 60 seconds and completed it!

The other perceived barrier of week four was that the "rest" walks halved, but the programme must know what it's doing and after three weeks, we're learning how to regulate breath etc quicker.

I did feel shattered at the end of it, but also incredibly proud of myself - thinking back to the gibberish wreck at the end of week one run one, it's astonishing to see the change in a really short time.

That said, I'm really looking forward to my lie in tomorrow!

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Well done, I love your posts because selfishly you are one run ahead of me so when I see your post come up I’m eager to find out how it went for you. Seriously though very well done I love your beach scenery and the dogs. My two dogs run with me but as we are farmers hubby thinks it’s great he now has three dogs running around the sheep!


Very, very well done... stick at it, steady and slow and you will be fine! Great photo too :)


Lie in yes, and then some non impact stamina and strength exercise!


Well done you! I thought they were going to say I’d finished too when the music dipped 😊

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