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Just thought I’d share this hope no one minds . Mid October I started couchto5k a very unfit overweight 51 year old who hadn’t done any real exercise since stopping playing football some 17 years before 😳. When I started I couldn’t believe how bad things had gotten barely able to run 60 seconds and praying for each set to be over so I could walk. I kept going though running ( jog really ) every other day until I graduated on 1st Jan. I’ve run every other day since and some long hikes on days off. Never very fast my best is still a 40.34 for 5k but I just enjoy being out. I signed up for a virtual race on May the Fourth but then saw this thing for London Marathon in a week so signed up for that too. It’s starts Monday and need to do 6k a day. I thought I’d take a steady run and see if I could run that far well 57.09 minutes later I’d run 6.25k and felt the same elation as when I graduated. I’m not fast probably never will do 5k in 30 minutes but I’m fitter than Ive been for a very long time and feel good. For anyone just starting keep at it take it steady and enjoy it. It gets easier because you get stronger 🏃🏻‍♂️👍🏼

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That’s amazing. Well done, you’re an inspiration.xx


Thanks for sharing that Warren. Really helpful and motivational. Hope to one day be able to write a similar type post but early days for me and so reading your success is wonderful.

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