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I’ve always wanted to be a runner since being at school. I’ve tried off and on for years but instead gave up and enjoyed classes at gyms. Around 2 years ago my fitness declined and I was diagnosed with a heart tumour which was affecting my breathing and causing me to almost pass out. I became very weak too, gained weight and lost confidence. On top of this I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and I’ve just had my final surgery to remove it. I’m now on an upward journey to get fit again and build my confidence up Feel good about myself. I’ve always wanted to be able to be exercise without relying on gym equipment or instructors anyway as Id always feel like I would undo all my hard work when I went in holiday so it will be great to put on some running shoes and just go wherever I am. I’m looking forward to having this community of runners to support me on my journey to wellness. I hope I don’t have to wait long to start. I’m waiting to be discharged from hospital as I write 😂😂 2 weeks max I hope 🤞

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👋 hello. Welcome to the programme. Do have a browse as there are some really inspiring stories and photos here from those who are -or have -turned things round for themselves. The programme is fantastic and will get you running 30 minutes in 9 weeks or so. Not necessarily 5k but don’t worry about that

Do read the pinned Programme Notes

Embarking on a health and fitness challenge is a really positive thing to do so good luck and Bon voyage. Go really slowly and steadily. No rush, no hurry, just go steady

Then you come back and tell us how it went You will see links to the various weeks so you can compare notes with others on the same week as you 🙂

Thank you for your good advice. Can’t wait to get started x

Brilliant, lets roll on that discharge then. 2 weeks is no time to wait at all and all the best things in life have a degree of anticipation about them. Misswobbles advice is really sound, and please let us know when you’re able to start, so you have your own set of cheerleaders when you do.

Nice to meet you and I hope you get everything you want out of this wonderful program and community

Thanks so much. I will let u know when I get started. 😘

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