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Week 6 Run 1 - Getting Serious Now!

I thought it was going to be ok after the 20 minuter on Thursday and it was. I enjoyed the walking breaks but I can’t quite get my head around only having one more run with a break.

The middle 8 minute run was uphill all the way and I’m quite chuffed my breathing was fine for all of it. My breathing has improved soooo much, it’s worth it just for that (I’ve had lung problems so I’m very sensitive to them). It’s just the muscles complaining at the moment.

My right leg definitely prefers the treadmill to the road so I think I’ll have to do most of the longer runs at the gym until my leg gets more used to it.

Back to Tubular Bells today as it was the road, but I think I need to broaden my musical horizons again. Siadwell, can you recommend any 20 minute+ Rush songs for R2???

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