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W1R2 in the bag!

So today was the day for the second run in week 1!

I was feeling so unbelievably unmotivated and tired today, it's been a long week of 11 busy hour days at work and in the hours before my lunch I just couldn't stop yawning! I was trying to think of every excuse possible to not go for the run. BUT for the first time EVER I actually talking myself into GOING!

It was a struggle, I was tired, lacking energy and had a BANGING headache, I realised about half an hour before I went for my run that I hadn't had my mid-morning snack, which was probably a contributing factor to all of this, doh!

Anyway I pushed through and went. I'm so pleased I did, it's a lovely day out there and although there were more people out and about, I didn't care! I just ran and I even noticed just a tiny little improvement. I managed to go a bit of a longer distance than my first run, even though I felt like I was doing the same pace as last time, so baby steps and all that!

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woo hoo !

And a photo as well!

If ever you are leaning towards 'not running' just pop in here and read everyone elses posts. Try and have a drink of water before you go as well. Headaches are quite often just dehydration.

And great with the baby steps. This is not a race and too many folk think they need to be some bounding gazelle. I am more your 'dying man stumbling through desert'.

Keep it nice and slow, stay hydrated, take your rest days.

You'll soon be itching to get out there.

Enjoy the journey.



Lovely photo! Well done.


Very well done.. keep it slow and steady and make sure you are hydrated too... you did really well... slow and steady does it...

Newcastle ? Gateshead...Baltic Centre.. or am I all wrong...:)

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Brilliant!! So very well done. You're hooked already πŸ˜‰

Bet you are looking forward to the next one already!

You're on your way πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ😁


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