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Advice... Twang goes the tendon or muscle? Is this the end of running for me?

Wk 4 run 2... Male aged 46, over weight (duh!) anyway.... half way through and running on flat medium to soft terrain and generally feeling good, mild niggle subsiding in right calf. Then TWANG! Back of left knee goes from super dooper to super painful and I have to stop and hobble home. This was 4-5 wks ago, have rested and only done walks then last week tried a couple of runs and bang on run 2 it did it again. I stretch before and after so it's not that. Does it need more rest or physio or does it mean that running is not my thing?

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Poor you! That is disappointing indeed. I think you probably need some professional advice about your injury. When you are better you might consider some exercises to strengthen your legs.

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Hi Sweatpuddle, sorry to hear of your experience, and yes, rest...

Its not a good idea to stretch cold muscles before your run, a good warm up walk is usually enough. You can stretch afterwards when you are warm.

It sounds quite painful, you are on week 4, have you checked your running shoes are supporting your gait correctly?


It does sound like you will need to have it looked at if its not your shoes.... maybe a sports physio.

Running is for you, and I hope you get this sorted.😊xx

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